Our Fees

We pride ourselves on providing a quality bespoke service to our clients, whether you are a first- time buyer, moving to your next home, or a seasoned investor. We will guide and support you through the conveyancing process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe in being transparent with our fees and providing you with a personal service. Therefore, if you decide to instruct us you will be dealing directly with the solicitor who has conduct of your property transaction and each solicitor is supported by a team of paralegals and secretaries to ensure it runs smoothly.

The timescale for completion of a conveyancing transaction ranges typically from 6 weeks to 3 months. Factors affecting how long it takes are varied and quite often outside of our control, such as, how long it takes you to get a formal mortgage offer, dealing with pre-contract enquiries, obtaining survey reports, how many people are in the conveyancing chain and when people are looking to complete.

All initial enquiries are without cost or obligation, so please call us now on 01865 721451 or, email info@challenor-gardiner.co.uk or complete our Free Online Enquiry contact form to discover your bespoke fixed price quotation

Our conveyancing prices range from £995 to £1,695 plus VAT at 20%. The price depends on a number of factors including; the value of the property you are buying or selling; whether the land is registered or unregistered; any complexities involved in the transaction, and, the skill and expertise of the conveyancer.

Fees Guide

For an indication of our fees please see below, however, please contact our team to discuss your individual transaction and we will then be able to provide you with a personal quote.

Property ValueLegal fees guide on sale and purchase
Up to £399,999£995 plus VAT
£400,000 to 599,999£1,095 plus VAT
£600,000 to £799,999£1,195 plus VAT
£800,000 to £999,999£1,295 plus VAT
£1 million to £1.499 million£1,395 plus 0.75% of the value over £1.1 million plus VAT
£1.5 million to £1.999 million£1,695 plus 0.5% of the value over 1.5 million plus VAT
Over £2 millionPlease call us to discuss a quote

Are there any additional costs?

As part of the conveyancing process you may be required to pay additional charges and disbursements over and above the routine conveyancing work. Unlike some other conveyancing firms, we believe in being transparent with our fees and do not charge for extras , for example, acting for your lender as well on your purchase, paying your SDLT and filing your SDLT return and discharging your mortgage on sale, but you may be required to pay additional charges and disbursements over and above the routine conveyancing guide to fees above

VAT at 20% is included in the price of AML checks, searches, Lawyer checker, and on lender panels fees

VAT is not payable on SDLT, SDLT return fee, Land Registry fees, bank charges on CHAPS payments and premiums on indemnity policies

Set out below are possible additional fees where there is added complexity, additional or unforeseen work, or payments to third parties that may be added to your bill and which also attract VAT at 20%. We will, of course, discuss these with you when you call .

Possible additional fees:

  • Leasehold transaction fee (house) £100
  • Leasehold transaction fee (flat) £100
  • Help to Buy £500 – if you are purchasing using a Help to Buy product, you will need to call us to discuss a quote.
  • Help to Buy ISA £50
  • First Registration £695
  • Shared ownership fee £200
  • Stamp Duty Return fee £10 (no VAT)
  • Rectification of title defect- Fee dependant on defect
  • TT payment fee £35 plus VAT and £12 bank fee for secure, same day transfer of funds on completion and on repayment of your mortgage
  • BACS or cheque payment fee – No charge
  • LMS (Lender admin fee) £12, including VAT
  • Anti-money laundering ID check fees for British nationals £6.80 per name, including VAT
  • Lawyer Checker fee £12, including VAT, to ensure we are sending your funds to the real solicitor, not a fraudster.
  • Indemnity Insurance policy – Dependent on defect in title and value

Please note we won’t know the following costs until we receive documentation from the other side’s solicitors:

  • If the property is leasehold, there are certain disbursements which will be set out in the individual lease relating to the property, for example, apportionments of ground rent and service charges. We will advise you on these upon receipt of the lease documents from the seller’s solicitors and Management Pack from the landlord.
  • Where a property is a new build, it is expected that a purchaser will make a contribution towards the builder’s solicitor’s cost for drafting the legal documents. This is known as an engrossment fee.

Other conveyancing transactions:

  • Declaration of Trust – Simple £175, more complex – up to £350
  • Transfer of Equity – £395
  • Re-mortgage – £695
  • Independent legal advice on signing a mortgage deed – £500
  • All fees above are subject to VAT at 20%