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If you are considering buying or selling a business or taking a lease of commercial premises you will need specialist advice on the contractual and lease terms so you know what obligations you are entering and understand the pitfalls to avoid.

It is equally important to know how you can extend the lease at the end of the term, if you want to continue your business from the same premises, or, how you can bring the term of the lease to an early end without having any continuing obligations to perform.

At Challenor Gardiner, our commercial property solicitors will guide you through the proposed terms of a new lease and help you negotiate advantageous terms before you commit yourself or advise you before taking an assignment of an existing lease so that you are sure you are able to comply with your obligations under the lease. We want to ensure you start your business on a sound footing so that you can concentrate on making it a success.

And we are also here to advise business tenants and Landlords during the course of a lease on any breaches of obligations by either a Landlord or tenant and the remedies available.

We can advise and assist you with a host of commercial transactions, such as:

  • buying and selling small businesses
  • business lease renewals
  • lease assignment and underletting
  • agricultural tenancies
  • negotiating new lease terms
  • termination of leases and forfeiture
  • protected tenancies and contracted out leases
  • option agreements
  • overage

Residential letting

Whether you are a private landlord or a letting agent, we are here to help you through the maze of Housing Law and Regulations so you can avoid disasters and the expense of putting them right.

We can ensure that your tenancy agreements and notices meet the current requirements of the housing legislation. Non-compliance with, for example, the Rent Deposit rules or failure to serve the correct Notice requiring possession, can mean you may not be able to end a tenancy when you want to.

You will want to avoid any difficulties that arise during the tenancy and we can advise and assist you should a tenant fall into arrears or breaks a term of the tenancy. We can also advise you how you can avoid tenant’s claims arising during the tenancy by ensuring your agreements are water tight and you are able to comply with your obligations.

We advise on the following:

  • assured shorthold tenancies
  • houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)
  • rent deposit schemes
  • agricultural tenancies
  • assured tenancies, licences and ‘sitting tenants’
  • seeking possession during or at the end of the tenancy
  • trespass and recovering possession from squatters

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