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Matrimonial proceedings are supported by the team here at Challenor Gardiner in a no fuss, no hassle manner every time. For couples in the Stony Stratford area who need support throughout their matrimonial proceedings, you can rely on our team to deliver the results you need every time. All proceedings are tailored around your needs personally so that you can get great peace of mind, from start to finish, that you are in well experienced hands.Whether you are needing support with divorce, separation, children or financial matters you can turn to our team to guide you throughout the process with ease. For reassurance without unnecessary worries, turn to Challenor Gardiner in the Stony Stratford area for high quality legal advice surrounding your matrimonial proceedings.

Children’s Law

In all situations where children are involved, we put their needs first and ensure that they are getting the proper care while we deal with your marital issues. With all solicitors being practical yet still empathetic, you can get the comforting services you need in time of great distress and upset. We also deal with those involved in very serious situations such as child abduction, domestic violence applications and co-habitation agreements so that you have a solid foundation to turn to when you need one most.